Sunday, 10 April 2011

Happy Birthday Steven Seagal

Today the 'Stout Sensei' is 60 years young. Despite the (many) digs at his size, or the quality of his recent movies...the guy has such a screen presence* (whether you like him or not) and is still one of the most credible action stars around today. From the top-flight bone-breaking 'hardcore' classics like OUT FOR JUSTICE and MARKED FOR DEATH to the absurdities of ATTACK FORCE and OUT FOR A KILL, Seagal has been entertaining audiences now, for well over 20 years (not bad for a guy who debuted in a lead role for a major studio at 37 years of age) On top of that, the guy writes, produces, directs, sings and is a tireless campaigner for many humanitarian charities around the world. Oh, and did i forget he's an expert 7th Dan Aikido master!

Straight-To-DVD-Heaven salutes you Steven Seagal, have a great Birthday Sir

(* He was easily the best thing about 2010's MACHETE)


  1. Wow! can't believe he is sixty! You;re right, he was great in Machete. He needs more roles like that.

  2. Why did I think his birthday was April 15th? I was looking forward to the big 6-0 for him too. I still can't get over the fact that his first film was at 37. Gotta love Seagal, great post.

  3. he should have top bill on Machete!it all begun in MARKED FOR DEATH,when he put a dirty underwear in Trejo's mouth!too bad he didn't do the same in the final fight!but he wasn't beatten!he killed himself,because only he could defeat himself!you are a true believer man!check my February Seagal extravaganza!i still have movies to write about though!it took me too much time to go each movie scene by scene!SEAGALOGISTS UNITE!