Friday, 31 July 2015

BEYOND FURY (2016) Please Help Make It Happen

Director Darren Ward began making films in 1989. By 1991 he had made over 12 short films. In 1994 Ward made a short action film called BITTER VENGEANCE which received a 'Highly Commended' judges award at BAVA (British Amateur Video Awards), which were hosted at BAFTA in London. Ward wanted to expand on the characters of- 'Walker', 'Jimmy' & 'Randall' and so Ward based his first feature film SUDDEN FURY around those characters.

SUDDEN FURY (1998) marked the last starring role of the late David Warbeck (star of many Italian horror and action films) and was the beginning of Ward's crime thriller trilogy.  SUDDEN FURY has been released on DVD around the globe and has played at many International film festivals. Ward continued with a multi-award winning short film called NIGHTMARES (Super16, 2004), which featured at the LA International Short Film Festival, with the world premiere being held in Hollywood. NIGHTMARES has also featured on TV, being aired on SKY many times as well as receiving a Silver Remi Award at the Houston World Fest in Fantasy/Horror.

In 2010 Darren Ward's A DAY OF VIOLENCE was released giving audiences one of the most uncompromising and gritty Independent crime films in recent years. ADOV also featured Italian horror legend Giovanni Lombardo Radice (City of the Living Dead, Cannibal Ferox, House on the Edge of the Park) and came complete with a thumping electronic score by Dave Andrews. The film has been presented at many festivals around the world (UK, US, Germany, France, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands, Canada and many more) and went on to win 6 International awards including Best Feature, Best Special Effects and an honorary mention for the contribution to the genre.


Director Darren Ward is shooting the third chapter in his 'Crime Trilogy' (and a direct sequel to SUDDEN FURY, no less) as we speak. But (as with most genuinelly passionate film-makers) funding is a big setback. Undaunted by this, he has managed to get around 30 minutes 'In The Can' (as they say) but is in need of more funding. Making movies for the fans, sometimes requires likewise help. So please support this unique (unsung) talent by contributing anything you can to: 

Reknowned actor Dan Van Husen has already filmed scenes for what promises to be the most explosive crime thriller to come out of the UK. And more international actors are scheduelled to appear. I shall keep you updated as they are secured (but trust me, it'll be a exploitation movie fans dream come true) and with help from the audience they're created for.....This dream can be realised sooner, than later. So please contribute as much or as little as you can. Thanks for reading, and please fel free to check out the aformention movies (either through my own blog reviews) or by purchasing them from reputable sources.

 Below are some exclusive stills from BEYOND FURY

(Darren Ward directs Dan Van Husen in the upcoming BEYOND FURY)

(Nick Rendell returns as hard-as-nails 'Walker' in BEYOND FURY)

(Lady in danger...a tense moment from BEYOND FURY)
(Down.....But never out. Walker returns in BEYOND FURY)

Please help support this great director, and for further details contact the man himself at:

All donations are appreciated and extra generous donations  may lead to an on-screen 'Thank You' in the finished movie credits

(Better the funds go to Darren Ward....Than another Richard Curtis rom-com-shit-fest, I say)