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POSTAL (2007) Uwe Boll

Uwe Boll has his critics.....Too many of them it seems. Some critics hate the fact that he gets unique German Tax-breaks to fund his movies, or because he can attract big name casts. Thanks to the Internet virgin geeks on IMDB, haters can vote his movies 'one star', despite not seeing the movies (or in some cases, before they've been released) This doesn't seem to faze Boll at all. The German director is well known for his hatred of Hollywood anyhow. So it is with his 2007 masterpiece (yes, i said it....'Masterpiece') that Boll decided to hit back (movie wise) with a huge 'Fuck You' to all his critics. Postal is an even bigger 'Fuck You' to good taste, that shows up these lame ass 'Jud Apatow' flicks for the corny shit that they are.

We open the movie, with Two Al Qaeda terrorist pilots bickering over how many 'virgins' they'll receive in the afterlife. As the argument heats up, we are alerted to the banging noise (which turns out to be the passengers revolting against their captors) Too late though, as the plane crashes into a U.S skyscraper (much to the surprise of a dangling window cleaner)

("I asked for a regular Hot-Dog...who ordered the jumbo?")

With such pleasantries out of the way, we cut to (trailer park capital) Paradise City (were the grass is brown, and the girls ain't pretty) where we are introduced to The Dude (Zack Ward) and his (err, 'luxurious') wife.

(Fuck Jeff Bridges....Zack Ward IS 'The Dude')

His bride constantly sits (or usually lays around) on her fat ass, bitching at Dude, or taking (not so secret) lovers (sometimes two at a time.) Dude needs to get a job, and better his life. Even the redneck degenerate owner of the trailer park is sticking it, to the Dudes wife. Whats a guy to do.....

(The Dudes wife....her shadow weighs 4 stone)

We also meet other characters from Paradise City, including two cops, one black, one white. The black cop is a unrepentant racist (with a sideline in 'pimping' out disabled street beggars) The white (much calmer) Cop is played by none other than Ralf Moeller (Brackus from BEST OF THE BEST 2...and some shitty Ridley Scott movie about 'Roman fighters 180 AD) Moeller, himself a 'Boll' regular (and down-market Schwarzenegger wannabe) is so calm in this movie, he hardly bats an eyelid, when his partner guns down a Chinese lady in her car (for no other reason, than bad driving)

After looking for work (including a cringe-inducing job interview at 'Gluttco Inc') and a life-or-death shootout at his local employment centre, the Dude decides to visit his uncle Dave, a slimy doomsday cult leader (replete with ranch, and brainwashed sex craved bimbos) to ask for help.
(Uncle Dave...The 'Ladies Fave')

Dave, it seems is in debt to the government for unpaid (hell, non-payment) of back taxes (to the tune of $1 million dollars) Since Dave preaches the end is nigh, he refuses to pay taxes. But with the threat to his land and hot and cold running 'trim', Dave and Nephew concoct a plan to steal a huge consignment of the latest toy craze to hit America...The Krotchy Doll (imagine 'Barney'...but shaped like dick)

It seems that there's going to be a huge haul of these sought-after toys at the opening of a new theme park, Little Germany, replete with all (un-PC) shops and stalls...'Grind Zero' coffee bar, anyone? Unbeknown to our hapless heroes, but Osama bin Laden has been hiding out in the backroom of a convenience store since 9/11 and is keen to steal the 'Krotchy Dolls' and lace them with 'Bird Flu'

Uncle Dave (and his busty bimbos) arrive at Little Germany, and whilst the ladies (replete with 'Hitler' moustaches, and little else) ahem...'entertain' the guards, Dave, (camp) right hand man Richie, and Dude steal the dolls. During this grand opening, Uwe Boll (playing himself) laughs candidly at (and agrees with) the notion of his movies (including this one) to be financed by Nazi War Gold. Boll then has a fight with the real life creator of the POSTAL PC game (on which this movie is based on) which is a nice sly dig, at Bolls critics who gripe about the directors many filmatic adaptions of established PC games. In true cartoon style Boll is seen brandishing boxing gloves, in another 'knowing' wink, to his various real life boxing bouts with his critics (He's actually a half decent semi-pro boxer)

The fun and frivolity continues, reaching a high point (or is that 'low' point) when none-other-than special guest Verne Troyer turns up...the party is in full swing. That is, until Al-Qaeda terrorists turn up to seize the Crotchy Dolls, and shoot the living shit out of nearly everyone (including Boll) and a bunch of kids (in a scene designed solely to bait the censor!!) When Dude tries to intervene, the tv cameras mistakenly assume he's the one in charge of the infanticide.....and a manhunt ensues...with the all-state man-hunt for the man dubbed as 'Postal Dude'. Fleeing the scene, Dave, Dude, bimbos (and a kidnapped Verne a suitcase) make an escape, back to Dave's ranch.

In the bunker of the ranch, Richie (who apparently believes Uncle Dave's 'doomsday' shit) kills his leader to fulfill the prophecy foretold in Uncle Dave's fictional Bible. This bible (which the creator himself didn't believe in, foretells that "To bring about the extinction of the human race, the rape of a "tiny entertainer" by a thousand monkeys must take place (cue: Verne Troyer is thrown into a pit of sex craved chimpanzees)

(I know what you're thinking......Isn't it about time Verne Troyer was raped by a chimpanzee?)

Postal Dude escapes, and teams up with Coffee store worker Faith, and together they dodge bullets, bombs and buggies (actually 2 out of 3 ain't bad)


Returning to his trailer park, Postal Dude, upon hearing his wife being 'serviced' by the two cops (at the same time, i might add) decides to blow up the trailer park (and the many degenerates in it) and after giving an impassioned 'farewell-to-arms' speech to the gun-crazy townsfolk.....who 'giveth shiteth...noteth' (Shakespeare-talk) resulting in non-stop carnage. He and Faith ride off into the sunset, amidst the falling entrails from the ensuing explosion.

("Fack us, Barackus")

Osama bin Laden (with his direct hot line to George W Bush) calls for help. Bush (and this guy is a much better look-alike, than the one they used in HAROLD & KUMAR ESCAPE FROM GUANTANAMO BAY) creates a smokescreen to the bloodshed and blames China and India (and even bombs each respective country, to prove this point) But, in doing such, starts WW3 (and presumably, the end of mankind) as both Bin Laden and Bush dance off into the sunset, the nuclear bombs rain down (in a beautiful, but scary final image)

(If only, eh?)

POSTAL is a one off 'horror-Comedy' made by a misunderstood talent. Boll (who has a deft hand at comedy) turns in one the best comedies in years (light years away from all the Renee Zellweger 'fall-over' shit, that's clogged up the multiplexes in recent years) And pre-dating Chris Morris' FOUR LIONS by a few years, Boll see's the funny side to terrorism post 9/11. I'd wager that Boll is taking the piss in most of his movies...but with POSTAL he actually shows up on screen (as himself) in full 'wink-wink' mode. And i (for one) applaud his brave (if a little sick) outlook on some very serious problems facing the world right now.
(You can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs....However an omelette is nothing without 'Mushrooms')

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  1. Ridiculous Uwe Boll film, but a ton of fun! Loved the bit when Uwe gets shot!

    His recent films like Rampage, Attack On Darfur, and Tunnel Rats have been pretty good!