Thursday, 6 May 2010

Steven Seagal - The Stout Sensei

Now 'The Stout Sensei' is about as 'name-calling' as i'm gonna get towards one of the baddest men (on 'Planet Action') So if you're expecting jokes about Seagals Weight, ponytail or jackets...then i suggest you get your (13 year old) ass to the IMDB boards, and join the rest of the restless virgins (who constantly rag on the guy)

What more can you say about Steven Seagal?

What other actor debuts with the title role in a studio movie?

Steven Seagal is the man....Period!

Only Sylvester Stallone and Charles Bronson (R.I.P) can/could sleep sound at night NOT fearing the Aikido Master, Actor, Singer, Writer, Director, Cop, Energy Drink Creator and Buddhist.

Vern (from 'Aint-It-Cool-News') wrote a witty, insightful book for the Seagal fan (SEAGALOGY:THE FILMS OF STEVEN SEAGAL) in 2008. I remember Vern, from his brief visit to 'unofficial-steven seagal' website many years ago, when I deffended him, from some of Seagals more (hardline, obssessed) fans. He probably won't remember it, but fear not amigo, i knew where you were coming from.

I can only hope to possess an ounce of the genuine praise AND critique, that Vern invests when reviewing the (many, many) movies of Steven Seagal.

Many of the 20+ movies he's made (in the last 7 or so years) have been ropey (and i'll gladly call it as i see it) But thankfuly, Seagal is beyond criticism, in his valliant attempt to keep REAL action movies alive.

Plus, i don't want him reading this, kicking down my door (probably in colourless Romania?) throwing me around, before snapping my arm

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  1. Brian Bosworth had a lead role in his first movie, too. Sadly he went on to do forgettable stuff....but Stone Cold rules.