Thursday, 6 May 2010

Cinema, eh....who needs it? (An Introduction)

Cinemas are usually full of giggling students (laughing at retarded Adam Sandler 'fall-over' movies) or chattery Dorris-types, or annoying kids (that feel the need to laugh, chat AND walk up and down the stairs in the full knowledge, that they're ruining any enjoyment, for an average joe-cinema-goer at the multiplex)

This blog is created to give humble (and badly spelt) praise to the movies (that sadly) bypass a cinema release, usually because, they are cack.......But probably because they're not:
A) A sequel
B) A remake
C) In 3-D
D) A remade sequel in 3-D

But fear not, bored reader....
Not all 'Straight-To-Dvd movies are devoid of big name stars, budgets and quality

But sadly, most of the films i'll be reviewing here ARE Catshit from a Dogs arse!

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