Saturday, 29 December 2012

Opened up my own DVD shop!

 First of all....HAPPY CHRISTMAS to anyone reading this.

Apologies for not posting in nearly 6 months, but staying true to my love of 'Straight-To-DVD' movies....I've only gone and opened up my own shop (chock full of the bastards) called:

The shop is now in it's 7th week, and whilst I'll never be a millionaire (most profit goes back into re-stock) I seem to be making a living, buying and selling stuff that I have a keen interest in. The icing on the cake, is that it's directly over the road from where I live.

(I reckon I drink around 20-25 cups of coffee per day, sat in my shop?)

Of course, I have to bite my lip on several occasions with straight-talking (i.e, rude) customers (expecting latest releases for £2-£3) but answering to no-one other than the tax-man, and opening and closing whenever I feel like it.....more than make up for a few idiot customers.

Even on slow days, I have my trusty portable DVD player, and now that I've exhausted my entire 'Rumpole Of The Bailey' collection (see pic above) I now have more time to watch cruddy B-movies (which I intend to start reviewing again in the coming weeks)

The paintings you can see in the background, were done by my girlfriend and are also available for sale in the shop (hey, always look after the ones you love, I say)

Hopefuly, I can make a semi-comfortable living out of something I love?

I have at least 35 Seagal movies in the action selection alone


  1. That is awesome, you opened up your own shop. Very jealous...killer action section.

  2. Thanks for the kind words amigo.

    Sad to say, but unfortunately the shop closed down last Tuesday (11th June)
    Takings were great initially, but started to drop. Not making any excuses, but the location was a big factor against it. This setback hasn't put me off another shop, but I'll choose my next location wisely.

    I've still got my Market stall to fall back on (that, and the 'Modelling Work')

    Onwards and upwards

  3. Sorry for your loss.

    Hope you get to open up another shop.