Sunday, 9 May 2010


Any self-respecting connoisseur of straight-to-DVD releases, can't help to have noticed Sony's FIGHT FACTORY range of action DVDs?
The label releases both old and new titles. Stars such as Seagal, Van Damme, Lundgren are alongside new productions with Val Kilmer, Cuba Gooding Jr and Wesley Snipes. STAGE 6 FILMS seem to be releasing most (if not all) of their stuff via this label in the UK.

They come in lovely 'Orange' keep cases, that match the orange border on the artwork. And to be fair, they've racked up some pretty impressive releases since they formed in 2008 (Felon, The Shepherd and Alien Agent, to name a few)
Boondock Saints II has just been released last week, via FIGHT FACTORY, and seems to doing well in the retail charts, as i type this.

FIGHT FACTORY is a pretty diverse collection of Genres, ranging from Drama, Sci-Fi, action to straight-forward thrillers, they look great on your DVD shelves. I've got 29 of them, and look forward to purchasing more (see below)

And if you visit their website at you can keep up to date with new and old releases, view various 'fight of the month' clips, and add your own ugly mug (and name) to existing DVD covers, then save them to your pc, and post them up online (looking slightly foolish, and not befitting to what a 37 year old guy should be doing with his spare time*)

(*= As if this blogs very existence, wasn't ample proof, of my legendary 'spare time?)


  1. What a great blog! The only 'Fight Factory' DVD I've seen for sale is that Dolph Lundgren one, THE DEFENDER...but is it any good?

  2. It helps if you're a bit forgiving, as Lundgren works with some pretty low budgets. It's not amazing, but it's ok. Don't pay anything more than £3-£4 for it.
    Glad you like the blog, wish i had more time to review stuff.

    Ciao for now